Being Essential presents the seven questions that will help any leader discover an authentic path to the true self and master a virtuous cycle of self-awareness that fosters purpose, value and joy at work and in life.

Without a true essence of self, their leadership can feel void of purpose and confidence, affecting both teams and stakeholders.

But when leaders discover their essential selves—who they are at their cores and why they show up—it enables them to reach a state of “radical self-awareness,” a game-changing skill that unlocks a more effective, commanding, agile approach to leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon registering for coaching, you'll receive further instructions via email on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! As this is a discovery call (free of charge) you can discuss options with your coach via email or phone on scheduling additional coaching.